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Outdoor Recreation Business Administration
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Degree Earned
Bachelor of Arts: Outdoor Recreation Business Administration

Interdisciplinary Studies recognizes that academic disciplines do not exist in a vacuum, that to fully understand a subject one must move beyond the silos of the individual disciplines and integrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are to be found in related, complementary academic subjects. Thus the student will study at least two different subjects in the Interdisciplinary program, looking for connections between them.
About the Concentration:
The Outdoor Recreation Business Administration concentration is housed in the Department of Business Economics in the Division of Social Science, Business and Global Studies. This concentration is designed to develop skills and a knowledge base that will allow students to pursue careers in the Outdoor Recreation and Tourism sector in Western Maine or elsewhere. The focus of the concentration is to develop specific competencies and business skills that will facilitate career progression in the existing snow sports, golfing, river industry, hiking and camping resorts, service and retail businesses that provide the economic core of the tourism and recreation industry in Western Maine and many other regions nationally.

Learning Goals:
Students will be able to:
  • articulate their ideas in an effective manner, by speaking and writing coherently.
  • understand and analyze a broad range of issues by engaging analytical inquiry, informational literacy, ethical reasoning, problem solving skills and a broad multidisciplinary knowledge base.
  • understand the principles related to the development of human capital and effective leadership from an organizational and personal perspective.
  • demonstrate an understanding of business practices appropriate to managing and developing an organization operating in the outdoor recreation sector.
  • demonstrate an understanding of business and economics principles and practices appropriate to achieving a competitive advantage in the outdoor recreation sector.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the outdoor recreation sector, with particular emphasis on Western Maine.
  • develop an appreciation of the value of life-long learning.
Outcomes Inherent in the Goals:
  • Students will be able to communicate effectively. Oral and written communications will be coherent, articulate and will follow an appropriate professional style.
  • Students will be able to present (orally or in writing) analyses and discussions that demonstrate the appropriate use of analytical inquiry, informational literacy, ethical reasoning, problem solving skills and a broad multidisciplinary knowledge base in solving problems, analyzing cases and discussing issues related to outdoor recreation businesses.
  • Through papers, projects, exams, and discussions students will demonstrate:
    • their understanding of human capital development principles and the development of leadership and interpersonal skills;
    • their ability to apply relevant business practices;
    • an awareness of strategies facilitating the development of a competitive advantage, for organizations in the outdoor recreation sector;
    • an awareness of the opportunities and challenges facing the outdoor recreation sector, with particular emphasis on Western Maine, including how geography, people and the environment impact, and are impacted by, the development of a region.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of business practices, goal setting, leadership and interpersonal relations through their performance in professional situations.
  • Students will show a commitment to lifelong learning.



BUS 130       Introduction to Recreation and Tourism 4
ECO 101S Macroeconomics                                OR 4
ECO 102S Microeconomics 4
BUS 240 Financial Management for Recreation and Tourism 4
BUS 210 Principles of Management (Recreation emphasis) 4
BUS 220 Principles of Marketing (Recreation emphasis) 4
BUS 315 Human Resource Development 4
BUS 360 Entrepreneurship 4
BUS 480 Service Operations 4
ECO 228 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 4
BUS 225 Retail Operations                              OR 4
BUS 260 Resort Management 4
BUS 320 Consumer Behavior                           OR 4
BUS 222  Hospitality Management  4
Recreation courses  (8 credits from the following):
REC 102  Snow Sports Industry 2
REC 103  River Industry 2
REC 104 Camping and Hiking 2
REC 105 Golf  2
REC 106 Inland Fisheries 2
REC 107 Adventure Education 2
SKI 120 Orientation to the Snowsports Industry 4
People and Place (2 of the following):
GEO 219S    Geography of Maine 4
GEO 320S Economic Geography 4
GEO 331S Nature and Society 4
GEO 332S Cultural Geography 4
GEO 340S Land Use 4
GEO 200S Geographical Imaginations 4
HTY 240S History of Maine 4
ANT 240S Cultural Ecology 4
GEO 212S Latin America: Peoples and Environment 4
GEO 214S Asia: Peoples and Environment 4
GEO 343 Town and Regional Planning 4

Internship  (minimum 6 credits)

Total Credits for the Major: 66
For specific information about general education requirements and expectations, see the  General Education Requirements in the Academic Programs section of this catalog.
In order to be successful in a career in the recreation / tourism industry, it is strongly recommended that students consider the following courses for purposes of meeting the general education requirements:
Fine Arts:
ART 112A Digital Imaging
Any foreign language course or any course dealing with a different culture
Natural Sciences:
ENV 110N Introductory Environmental Science
GEY 101N Environmental Geoscience
Social Sciences:
ANT 101S    Introduction to Cultural Anthropology                 
GEO 103S Peoples and Environments
GEO 219S Geography of Maine
GEO 320S Economic Geography
GEO 331 Nature and Society
GEO 340 Land Use
HTY 240S Maine History
HTY 247S History of Canada
SOC 101S Introduction to Sociology
Electives (Recommended Courses)
Students hoping to pursue a career in the recreation / tourism industry should consider
the following electives:
ANT 300   Food and Culture
BUS 310    Human Resources Management
BUS 311 Management and Organizational Behavior
BUS 491 Strategic Management
GEO 337 Environmental Regulations
GEO 340 Land Use
HEA 101 Health and Society
HEA 102 Group Fitness Instructor Training
HEA 120 Emergency Medical Response/Principles and Practices
HEA 245 Nutrition and Ecological Concerns
REC 132 Recreation of Western Maine
REC  133       Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management (2 credits)
REH 381 Grantwriting
Recommended Minors: Environmental Science; Geography

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