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Visual and Performing Arts: Art and Visual Culture
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Degree Earned
Bachelor of Arts: Visual and Performing Arts: Art and Visual Culture

The concentration in Art and Visual Culture challenges students as thinkers and writers to engage contemporary and historical art and its dialogue with other images and objects that create a visual culture.  Students develop a strong critical voice as they interpret the connections between societies and the images they produce, preparing them for graduate studies or careers in the arts and writing.
Central to the program is a common core of interconnected experiences in the arts and arts theory. Project 1, where all arts majors work with faculty to pursue a topic, idea, or project, introduces first-year students to the idea of making a unique contribution to a community. In Project 2, juniors and seniors work together on a project connected to the community for public presentation, largely independent from faculty.  Project 3 is a thesis paper or project, providing seniors an opportunity to work in the field in an experience designed to launch them into their career after UMF.

Learning Goals:
UMF students graduating with a concentration in Art and Visual Culture will:
  • Demonstrate scholarly knowledge and critical understanding of art history and visual culture.
  • Demonstrate understanding of artworks, architecture and historical and media images as texts, as cultural constructions experienced through many perspectives.
  • Demonstrate critical skills and original thought in the reading and analysis of art-historical and media texts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write and speak persuasively on complex ideas in art history, visual culture, and related disciplines.

Art and Visual Culture (60 Credits)

ARH 114A Visual Culture I 4
ARH 116A Visual Culture II 4
ARH 274A Modern Art 4
ARH 276A Contemporary Art 4
ART 120A Art on the Edge 4
ART 320A Contemporary Theory and Practice 4
SPV 150A Introduction to Live/Performance Art                                  
SPV 250A Language of Performance 4
SPV 200A Project 1 4
SPV 300 Project 2 4
SPV 400 Project 3: Senior Thesis                                                         4
Twelve additional credits of ARH or ART courses at the 200-level or above. Substitutions outside ARH/ART may be approved by the advisor. 12
Eight credits of relevant courses from MUH, MUS, SPV, and/or THE, with no more than four credits at the 100-level, chosen in consultation with the advisor. 8

One year of one foreign language at the college level or two years of one foreign language at the high school level.

For specific information about general education requirements and expectations, see the General Education Requirements in the Academic Programs section of this catalog.


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