University of Maine at Farmington 2011-2012 Catalog
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Department of Creative Writing

Professors: Gretchen T. Legler (on leave 2011-2012), Patricia E. O'Donnell; Professor Emeritus: Wes C. McNair; Associate Professor: Jeffrey J. Thomson (on leave Spring, 2012); Assistant Professor: Nathaniel Minton

Department of English

Professors: Michael D. Burke, Daniel P. Gunn, Ming-Ming Pu (on leave Fall, 2011); Associate Professors: Eric C. Brown, Elizabeth M. Cooke, Christine M. Darrohn (on leave spring, 2012), Michael K. Johnson; Assistant Professors: Kristen Case, Tanya Ann Kennedy, Sabine Klein (on leave Fall, 2011); Visiting Assistant Professor: Misty Krueger; Lecturer: Luann I. Yetter

Department of Modern Languages

Professors: Linda L. Britt, Sylvie Charron; Assistant Professor: Marisela A. Funes; Lecturer: Marlies Reppenhagen

Department of Philosophy and Religion

Professors: Theodora J. Kalikow, Jonathan R. Cohen, Jennifer I. Reid; Associate Professor: Robert L. Lively, Jr.; Assistant Professor: George H. Miller; Visiting Assistant Professor: Carolyn Culbertson


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