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Dual majors within a single degree program (for example, a B.A. in English and Psychology) are permitted as a matter of course.

Dual majors in areas which offer different degrees (for example, in Elementary Education, which offers the B.S. degree, and Biology, which offers the B.A.) are also permitted, but only the degree appropriate to the student's home department will be awarded. The "home department" is defined as the department in which the student's main academic interests lie and in which that student is advised; the student will declare a home department when declaring a double major. Thus a student who majors in Elementary Education and Biology might receive either a B.A. or a B.S. (depending on the home department) but not both. Similarly, a student majoring in Creative Writing and History might receive either a B.F.A. or a B.A. but not both.

In order to pursue a dual major in different degree programs, a student must first be admitted to both of the programs in question. This can be accomplished by submitting a change of major form, declaring a home department, and meeting admissions requirements of both programs. Students should recognize that entry into some programs is highly competitive. After being admitted to the two programs, a student must meet all requirements for both majors (including, for example, concentration requirements, supporting course work, and policies of minimum grade point average) in order have both listed on the transcript.

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