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Integrative Studies Program for Undecided Students
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Integrative Studies Program

The Integrative Studies Program allows students the opportunity to explore career and major options before declaring a traditional or individualized major. Although it is best to begin researching majors during your first semester, you are not required to declare a major until you have 64 credits (typically near the end of your sophomore year). We encourage students to take time to explore possible majors. It is important to keep in mind during the exploration process that some majors are highly competitive in their selection process and some require a strict adherence to a sequence of classes in order to graduate in four years. With certain programs, students are encouraged to declare by 32 or 48 credits.

We highly recommend that Integrative Studies students work closely with an academic advisor or career counselor during their exploration process.The academic advisor is a faculty or staff member who will help guide you through your academic decisions while at UMF (pursuing career goals, selecting courses, understanding policies, etc). You will be notified who your advisor is during the summer before you arrive at UMF. The Center for Human Development administers the advising program for Integrative Studies students. You can contact the office by calling 207-778-7040.

Your advisor will help you select courses. When choosing courses, it's helpful to have an idea which subjects and careers interest you so that your advisor can help you make General Education course selections with your interests in mind (see General Education Requirements). Discussing your General Education options with your advisor will provide you with a greater ability to transition to a major once you decide on one. UMF also gives students the ability to create an individualized study plan which allows students to customize a major to fit particular interests.

As a student in the Integrative Studies Program you will be exploring majors by taking General Education Requirements and/or introductory courses in a major. There is a lot of flexibility in what courses you can take. In your first semester you will take a First Year Seminar or a First Year Writing Seminar (FYS 100 or ENG 100), and three general education courses in areas of your interest (art, humanities, math, natural sciences, or social sciences). Or, you could take a First Year Seminar or a First Year Writing Seminar (FYS 100 or ENG 100), two General Education courses, and an introductory course in a major you might be interested in pursuing. You can find out more about specific courses by consulting the listing of courses by major or by reviewing the programs of study for Bachelor's Degree Programs.

Transfer students participating in Maine's AdvantageU program (or any transfer who will have 30 college credits or more before entering UMF) are encouraged to visit and make connections with UMF early in their community college career. By talking with UMF faculty members while you are enrolled in classes at your community college, you will be better prepared and informed about the academic programs and co-curricular opportunities before entering Farmington. This will help you to make a smooth transition to UMF. We invite you to call or email Admission at (207) 778-7050 or to schedule your individual visit.

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