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Environmental Science
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Degree Earned
Bachelor of Science: Environmental Science

UMF offers both a B.A. and a B.S. in Environmental Science.  This program offers the same type of interdisciplinary preparation as the B.A., but it is more flexible, more quantitative, and offers the opportunity for greater specialization. Students gain a strong core in the natural sciences and mathematics and, with the guidance of an advisor, may select electives that allow for in-depth specialization in a specific discipline.  Majors become members of a scientific community, learning techniques of field observation, measurement, sampling, and analysis as part of their coursework.  They work side-by-side with professors in classes, laboratories, and in the field conducting research in nearby forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, and coastal settings. They also have an opportunity for hands-on internship experiences in the environmental field and become proficient in doing and communicating science, often making presentations in public and scientific arenas. A flexible choice of courses, research options, and work initiative projects gives students the ability to build their experience in their chosen area of specialization.  Graduates will be well prepared for careers in the private and public sectors as well as for graduate study in science.


BIO 160 General Botany                               4

BIO 170 General Zoology                              4

CHY 141 General Chemistry I                          4

CHY 142 General Chemistry II                         4

GEY 101N Environmental Geoscience                    4

GEY 203N Surficial Processes                         4

PHY 141 General Physics I                            4

PHY 142 General Physics II                           4


Subtotal:                                           32

An additional nine approved electives in any science discipline (BIO, CHY, ENV, GEY, PHY), six of which must be 300-level. (See listing of approved course below courses.)                                                      

Subtotal:                                           36



Total credits for the Major:                        68


One year of one foreign language at the college level or two years of one foreign language at the high school level.

Subtotal:                                            0-8

For specific information about general education requirements and expectations, see the  General Education Requirements
in the Academic Programs section of this catalog.


A grade of C- or above must be earned in all science courses and their prerequisites.

NOTE: For EVS majors declaring a science minor in a science discipline, only eight credits of required coursework in the major can be counted toward the science minor.



Chemistry courses from the major may not be used to fulfill the General Education requirement in Natural Sciences.


Approved Electives for B.S. Environmental Science


BIO 167N  Field Botany

BIO 276 Environmental Biology

BIO 277 Special Topics

BIO 285 Marine Biology

BIO 294 Forest Ecology and Conservation

BIO 353 Conservation Biology

BIO 361 Ecology

BIO 377 Special Topics in Biology

BIO 383 Aquatic Biology

BIO 386 Ornithology

BIO 391 Entomology


CHY 241 Organic Chemistry I

CHY 242 Organic Chemistry II

CHY 277  Special Topics

CHY 291 Analytical Chemistry

CHY 374 Biochemistry

CHY 377 Special Topics

CHY 384 Environmental Chemistry

CHY 392 Instrumental Analysis

CHY 394 Inorganic Chemistry


ENV 257 Soil Science

ENV 276 Environmental Microbiology

ENV 277 Special Topics

ENV 377 Special Topics

ENV 384 Environmental Impact Assessment

ENV 390 Environmental Science Internship


GEY 201N Earth History

GEY 202N Mineralogy                

GEY 251 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation

GEY 252 Introduction to Petrology

GEY 254 Structural Geology and Tectonics

GEY 277 Special Topics

GEY 301 Terrain Analysis

GEY 303 Climate Change

GEY 304 Geochemistry

GEY 352 Introduction to GIS

GEY 356 Hydrology

GEY 377 Special Topics


PHY 112N Introductory Meteorology

PHY 241 Modern Physics

PHY 277 Special Topics

PHY 377 Special Topics 

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