University of Maine at Farmington 2018-2019 Catalog

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Academic Policies
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The following section describes policies and procedures that the the University of Maine at Farmington community will follow in academic areas.

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Academic Advising
Academic Exceptions
Academic Forgiveness Policy
Academic Integrity Code
Academic Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal
Class Attendance
Class Attendance: Excuses
Copyright Policy
Course Drop Policy and Process
Course Equivalents and Substitutions
Course Overload Privileges
Course Registration Policy
Course Scheduling Policies
Course Withdrawal Policy and Process: After the Semester Deadline
Courses: Add / Drop
Courses: Auditing
Courses: Repeating
Courses: Withdrawal
Credit Hour: Definition
Dean's List
Degrees: Second Degrees
Disability Services
Final Examination Policies
Final Examinations: Missed Exams
Full and Part-time Student Status
Grade Changes
Grade Grievances
Grade Point Average: How to Compute
Grades: Incompletes
Grading: Pass / Fail Option
Graduation Requirements
Graduation: Application for Degree
Individualized Study Arrangements
Latin Honors
Majors: Declaring
Majors: Dual Major Policy
Physical Activity Waivers and Equivalencies
Placement Testing
Program Requirements: Responsibility for
Re-entry to the University
Student Conduct Code
Student Writing
Withdrawal from the University
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