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Academic Organization, Faculty Listing
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Academic Organization

President - Dr. Edward A. Serna

Vice President for Student Affairs - Dr. Christine Wilson

Chief Business Officer - Laurie Gardner

Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost - Dr. Eric Brown

Associate Provost and Dean of Arts and Sciences - Dr. Steven Quackenbush

Division, Art - Jesse Potts

Division, Humanities - Jeffrey Thomson

Division, Mathematics & Computer Science - Dr. Peter Hardy

Division, Natural Sciences - Dr. Christopher Magri

Division, Psychology and Human Development - Natasha Lekes

Division, Social Sciences and Business - Wendy Harper

Associate Provost and Dean, College of Education, Health & Rehabilitation - Dr. Katherine Yardley

Division, Elementary, Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education -  Dr. Patricia Williams

Division, Secondary and Special Education -

Division, Community Health Education, Recreation & Rehabilitation Services -  Dr. Maurice Martin

Associate Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education - Erin Connor

Division of the Arts

Department of Visual Arts

Associate Professors: Sarah R. Maline, Dawn Nye, Jesse Potts, Katrazyna A. Randall; Assistant Professor: Ann Bartges; Lecturers: Tom Jessen, Elizabeth Olbert, Barbara Sullivan


Department of Performing Arts

Professor: Steven Pane; Associate Professor: Melissa Thompson; Assistant Professor: Aaron Wyanski; Instructor: Jayne Decker; Lecturers:  Amy Irish, Stan Spilecki, Ethan Wright

Division of Humanities

Department of Creative Writing

Professors:  Gretchen Legler, Jeffrey J. Thomson; Professor Emeritus: Wes C. McNair, Patricia E. O'Donnell; Assistant Professors:  Amy Neswald, Lewis Robinson; Lecturer: Carey Salerno

Department of English

Professors: Eric C. Brown, Kristen Case, Michael K. Johnson, Tanya Kennedy; Professor Emeritus: Daniel P. Gunn; Associate Professors: Christine M. Darrohn, Sabine Klein, Misty Krueger; Assistant Professors: Stephen Grandchamp, Erika Rodriguez (Post Doctoral Fellowship and Visiting Assistant Writer); Lecturers: Kirsten Kelley, Denisa Cundick, Lorna Hughes, Misty Beck.

World Languages

Associate Professors: Olivia Donaldson, André Siamundele; Assistant Professor: Cortney Benjamin.

Department of Philosophy and Religion

Professor: Jonathan R. Cohen; Associate Professor: Philip Francis; Assistant Professor: George H. Miller; Lecturers: Matthew Freytag, Frank Underkuffler, Melanie Weiss


Division of Elementary, Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education

Department of Early Childhood Education

Professors: Mellisa A. Clawson, Donna Karno, Katherine W. Yardley; Associate Professors: Patti Bailie, Patricia H. Williams; Assistant Professors: Leigh Ann Fish, Joshua Hill; Lecturers: Erika Neal, Nena Cunningham

Department of Elementary Education

Associate Professors: Cara Furman, Shannon Larsen, Carole Lee, Deborah W. Overstreet, Meredith Swallow; Assistant Professor: Kathryn Will-Dubyak; Lecturers: Deborah J. Baker, Virginia Dearani, Mary Mahoney-Ferster, Carla Miller, Patricia Gordon

Department of Early Childhood Special Education

  Professor: Mellisa Clawson; Lecturers: Deborah Chase, Kari Payne, Sandra Titcomb

Division of Secondary and Special Education

Department of Secondary/Middle Education

Professor: Theresa L. Overall; Associate Professor: Clarissa S. Thompson; Assistant Professor: Clara Jean Howard; Lecturers: Ashley LaCasse, Elizabeth A. Yeaton-Evans.

Department of Special Education

Assistant Professors: Kate MacLeod, Brianna Grumstrup; Lecturer: Laurie Lemieux.

Division of Mathematics and Computer Science


Professors: Sarah W. Hardy, Lori J. Koban, Nicholas A. Koban, Gail L. Lange, Michael G. Molinsky; Associate Professors: Allen T. Bailey, Paul J. Gies, Peter G. Hardy, Daniel R. JacksonAssistant Professor: Pamela Mitchel; Lecturer: Stephen Bies

Computer Science

Professor: Gail L. Lange; Associate Professor: Christopher Bennett

Division of Natural Sciences

Department of Biology

Professors: Andrew M. Barton, Jean A. Doty; Associate Professors: Timothy Breton, Sarah A. Sloane; Assistant Professors:  Rachel Hovel, Donelle Schwalm; Lecturers: Evan Jackson, Nancy K. Prentiss

Department of Environmental Science

Professors: Andrew M. Barton, Jean A. Doty, David Gibson; A. Mariella Passarelli, Douglas N. Reusch; Associate Professors: Timothy Breton, Julia F. Daly, Christopher Magri, Martin T. Morocco; Assistant Professors: Rachel Hovel, Donelle Schwalm; Lecturers: Evan Jackson, Pamela Mitchel, Nancy K. Prentiss

Department of Geology

Professors: David Gibson, Douglas N. Reusch ; Associate Professor: Julia F. Daly

Department of Chemistry and Physics

Professor: A. Mariella Passarelli; Associate Professors: Christopher Magri, Martin T. Morocco; Assistant Professor: Michael Sherrod; Lecturers:  Pamela Mitchel, Michael Waters


Division of Psychology and Human Development

Department of Psychology

Professors: Joel R. King, Karol K. Maybury, Dan R. Seabold, Marilyn A. Shea; Associate Professors: Rhonda Jamison, Natasha Lekes; Assistant Professors: Jennifer Blossom, Eric McCurdy; Lecturer: Lisa Henry


Division of Community Health Education, Recreation and Rehabilitation Services

Department of Rehabilitation Services

Professor: Karen E. Barrett; Associate Professors: Nicole Achey, Gina Oswald; Lecturer: Joanne Grant

Department of Community Health Education

Professor: Maurice Martin; Associate Professor: Alireza Geshnizjani; Assistant Professor: Kate Callahan; Lecturers: Carla DeGraw, Urban Pierce, Philip Poirier, Robert John Rogers, Matthew Swan.

Department of Recreation

 Lecturer: Elizabeth Collet

Division of Social Sciences and Business

Department of Business Economics

Professors: Sheena S. Bunnell, S. Waleck Dalpour, Frank M. Engert, John D. Messier, Clyde G. Mitchell; Associate Professors: Wendy L. Harper, Kelly Bentley. 

Department of Geography

Associate Professors: Brad T. Dearden, Matthew J. McCourt; Assistant Professor: Jesse Minor

Department of History

Professors: Allison L. Hepler, Christopher O'Brien; Associate Professors: Michael Schoeppner, Anne Marie Wolf; Lecturer: Louis Sell

Department of Political Science

Professors: Linda A. Beck, Scott D. Erb, James P. Melcher; Adjunct Professor: Andrew Robinson; Lecturer: Marcia Hartwell

Department of Anthropology

Professor Emeritus: Jon Oplinger; Associate Professors: Gaelyn D. Aguilar, Nicole Kellett; Assistant Professor: Lucas Kellett





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