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  ACE 152 - Career & Major Engagement

Designed to aid students unclear of their major, this course utilizes experiential learning, class discussion, and reflective writing and projects to engage students in practical, real-world career and major engagement. Through this course, students will learn more about themselves by participating in a number of informative interviewing and career research activities to gain a better understanding of what majors they would like to explore and what career paths they may eventually decide to follow. By the end of the course, students will have participated and reflected upon a number of career experiences, participated in classroom discussion, and created a small portfolio displaying these experiences and growth. Prerequisite(s): None. Every Fall (in person), Summer Term (online). 

Credit: 2

  ACE 194 - Career Development

This course helps students to prepare for careers, internships, and experiences in the world of work. To do this, the course provides opportunities for students to: assess their own work-related values, interests and skills and develop a professional identity; explore career options and associated pathways; and develop job acquisition skills, such as resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and job search strategies. Students will gain practical experience interacting with others in a professional environment, interviewing and networking, and promoting their skills and assets. The course culminates in each student’s development of a career development portfolio which students can use to direct their job or internship search, assist with career decision-making, and support further career development.  Prerequisite(s): Junior or senior standing is strongly encouraged. Every Spring (in person), May Term (online).

Credit: 2

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