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  INT 221 - Tropical Island Ecology

This course provides experiential learning of the biotic and abiotic factors that govern tropical island ecosystems (coral reefs, grass beds, mangroves, dry Antillean scrub and moist mature forests) found on a typical Caribbean tropical island (St. John, USVI). Concepts addressed include: biodiversity, adaptation and co-evolution, and energy flow in these systems. All students will participate in a collaborative research project with island fauna and daily lessons on island ecology. Students will also learn about the cultural history of the West Indies and contemporary human-caused environmental problems associated with island development. Intensive field work includes daily snorkeling and strenuous hiking to field locations. Assessments will include a field journal, written assignments, and pre-and post-course examinations covering course text, on-site lessons, and assigned technical papers. Prerequisite(s): Permission of instructor. Summer or winter term.

Credit: 4

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