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Degree Earned
Bachelor of General Studies: General Studies

General Studies

In very rare circumstances, a student who is close to graduation may apply to complete a General Studies degree. A General Studies degree may be awarded when a student has completed no particular major, but has earned 128 or more credits and has met all of the general education requirements as well as the residency requirement. The General Studies degree is only available to students who at the end of the semester of application will be within 16 credit hours of completing all graduation requirements.  The General Studies degree may not be combined with any other major or degree program, including self-designed majors.  Students interested in pursuing this degree should contact the Associate Provost/Dean of Arts and Sciences.

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS for the General Studies Degree:

The student receiving this degree must earn a minimum of 128 credits with the following provisions:

  • Of the student’s 128 credits, at least 16 must come from regular course work at the 300-400 level.  These 16 credits may be drawn from any discipline, but may not include field experiences, internships, and/or independent study (though the latter may still be counted towards the overall total of 128).

  • A minimum GPA of 2.000 is required for graduation.

The student must complete all general education requirements. (For specific information about general education requirements and expectations see the General Education Requirements in the Academic Programs section of this catalog.)

  • The students must be within 16 credit hours of completing all graduation requirements at the end of the semester of application.

  • Courses older than 7 years will be subject to review.  

  • The student must submit, in writing, a rationale explaining why the General Studies degree is the best option.



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