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TRIO Johnson Scholars Program
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TRIO Johnson Scholars is a UMF advising program that provides personal, transitional, and academic support to students who are the first in their families to attend a four-year college. Becoming a college student is exciting and life-changing, but learning the way things work on campus can be confusing. Whether students have already declared majors or need time to decide, their TRIO Johnson Scholars advisors will offer assistance in understanding the college process. From their first year to graduation, TRIO Johnson Scholar students will have access to individualized advising, professional tutoring, peer or professional mentoring, leadership experience, and cultural enrichment. The TRIO Johnson Scholars program provides a welcoming space--a home base--where students can build the relationships that will support their success at UMF and beyond. Each semester a limited number of merit scholarships are awarded to eligible students.

To learn more about the TRIO Johnson Scholars Program opportunities, call or email the program at (207) 778-7565 or Marilyn Wegner ( Visit the TRIO Johnson Scholars Program website at

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