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Physical Activity Waivers and Equivalencies
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Physical Activity Waivers

Transfer/Equivalency Credit
  • An official copy of the student’s transcript and course description must be to the Merrill Center for a formal review.
  • If the student has taken an Activity Course at a previous post-secondary institution and the Transfer Officer warrants that the previous class is comparable to PHE then the student will receive a transfer credit (Note: the course must have involved regular physical activity).
  • Previous participation in Varsity, Club, and/or Intramural sports does not count as an equivalent to PHE, nor do individual activities such as hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, orienteering, etc.
  • On rare occasion, a stand-alone program that does not come through as a transfer credit might be considered for equivalency credit, upon written request/appeal, such as National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).  Submit a course equivalency/course replacement form to the Merrill Center for consideration.  Equivalency determined by the transfer officer.
Military Experience
  • Most United States Military personnel undergo rigorous physical training (PT) during Basic Training/Boot Camp. Therefore, veteran students who have completed Basic Training/Boot Camp will receive transfer credit for PHE
  • The student’s DD214 documentation (all discharged military personnel receive this upon separation) will verify completion of this training.
  • The DD214 must be submitted to the Merrill Center for the equivalency credit to be granted.
Off-Campus Early Childhood Education Cohorts:
  • This program is offered as an off-campus/non-residential extension program to meet the needs of primarily non-traditional students. – (The program is currently offered at Waterville/Fairfield or Bath/Brunswick locations.)
  • Faculty Senate voted 11-0-0 on September 8, 2009 to approve permanent waiver of PHE 010 requirement for off-campus Early Childhood Education cohorts.
  • The degree audit will clearly state that this requirement has been waived.
  • All reasonable accommodations will be provided to facilitate participation in the PHE program
  • On a rare occasion a student may have a medical condition precluding them from participating in a physical activity
  • The student’s request for medical waiver must go through the UMF Health Center for final determination.
PHE & Varsity Student-Athletes
Student-athletes are encouraged to take PHE in their “off” season and/or semester that is least affected, but still within their first two semesters For example, if someone plays soccer in the fall they should take PHE in the spring. If a student participates in a sport like basketball that occupies both semesters, they should take PHE in the fall because it is the least affected semester. Varsity student-athletes have the option of taking the Varsity Athlete Lab which is only offered in the spring (if applicable). This is geared specifically for aspiring student-athletes interested in the challenge and opportunity to train across five biomotor areas critical for their improved development and performance. However, student-athletes are not required to take this section and may choose to take any of the other PHE classes: Strength & Conditioning, Cardio, Aquatics, or PlayFit (RecFit is also an option, but is only offered in the fall).

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