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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems are a critical component of fast-growing career opportunities in areas like natural resources, planning, environmental regulation, marketing, public safety, public health, environmental analysis, recreation management, national defense, and many others. The Geographic Information Science (GIS) certificate provides an education program for students interested in careers and research that involve geographic information systems (GIS) and related spatial technologies (e.g., remote sensing, global positioning systems (GPS), cartography, and spatial data analysis).

The program coordinates especially well with UMF's bachelor's degree programs in Environmental Policy and Planning, Geography, Earth and Environmental Science, and Community Health, but it is open to any matriculated UMF student regardless of major. Completion of the certificate is recorded on the official UMF transcript.

Learning Goals:

  1. Describe the fundamental concepts of Geospatial Technology including Geographic Information Science.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in the basic functions of professional geospatial software and hardware to solve simple problems.
  3. Demonstrate basic proficiency in map creation and design principles.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in the geospatial data handling, including acquisition, organization, processing, quality, documentation and interoperability.
  5. Demonstrate the use of spatial analysis techniques.
  6. Describe the concepts and applications of remote sensing, GPS, and affiliated data capture technologies.

Four courses in geospatial technologies (15-16 credits)

Required Courses:

EPP/GEO 204 Introduction to GIS                                             4
EPP/GEO 304     Environmental GIS                                                      4
EPP/GEO 340 Sustainable Land Use 4

Plus, additional elective(s) from the onsite, hybrid, or online course offerings below or an additional course approved by certificate advisor:

University of Maine at Farmington

EPP/GEO 244S      Mobil Mapping and GIS                                                           4

University of Maine at Machias

GIS 312          Municipal Applications of Geographic Information Systems    3
GIS 401 Special Topics in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 2-3
GIS 420 Remote Sensing & Image Analysis    4
GIS 424 Advanced Projects in Geographic Information Systems    4
GIS 426 Community Applications in Geographic Information Systems    4
GIS 428                 Web-Based Maps, Applications & Services    3
GIS 431 Introduction to Geostatistics    4

University of Southern Maine

CPD 625 Community Planning Analysis and Land Use Modeling  
GEO 305/505/605 Remote Sensing                                                                   3
GEO 340/GEY 340 Digital Mapping 4
GEO 458 Research Application in GIS 4

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