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4 plus 1 Accelerated Masters Degree in Special Education
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4 plus 1 Accelerated Masters Degree in Special Education

The Master of Science in Special Education (MSEd) is designed to provide students with more depth and breadth in the field of Inclusive Special Education. The 4+1 Accelerated Program, using a blended (face-to-face and online) delivery model, offers multiple pathways to earn a master’s degree, including various high-need specialization areas and certification options. Delivered by expert faculty, the program curriculum prepares highly qualified Inclusive Education Leaders.

UMF Special Education major or minor students (with a minimum of 4 SED credits with a minimum grade of B) are eligible to apply for the UMF 4+1 (accelerated) MSEd in Special Education once they have earned a minimum of 76 credits and have no more than three semesters or no less than one semester remaining of their undergraduate degree program. At that time, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.000.

During the final semester of a bachelor’s degree program, the MSEd in Special Education candidate’s program will be audited to confirm that he or she has met all requirements of the degree and has a cumulative GPA of 3.000. Upon official conferment of the UMF undergraduate degree, the candidate will receive notification of formal acceptance into the MSEd in Special Education program from the UMF Division of Graduate and Continuing Education.

UMF undergraduate students provisionally accepted into UMF’s accelerated master’s degree in Special Education may enroll in a maximum of 12 graduate credits prior to earning their bachelor's degree. These 12 credits must apply to graduation requirements for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

UMF Special Education Major and Minor students who take a designated UMF 4-credit 400-level course that counts toward their undergraduate degree may transfer the course as a 3-credit corresponding 500-level graduate course that will count toward the MSEd degree in Special Education. A maximum of two approved 400-level undergraduate courses may be transferred as 500-level graduate courses.

To transfer a 400-level course as a 500-level course into the MSEd in Special Education, all the following criteria must be met:

  • The student is provisionally accepted into the MSEd in Special Education program.
  • The student must declare the designated 400-level course before the course start date (or within the scheduled add/drop period) for it to be considered as a transfer course at the 500-level
  • The student earned a minimum grade of B in the course.
  • The credits transfer once the student officially graduates with a UMF bachelor's degree and is formally matriculated into the MSEd in Special Education program.
  • A maximum of two approved 400-level courses may be transferred as 500-level courses and will count as 3 to 6 credits of   those 12 graduate credits.

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