University of Maine at Farmington 2021-2022 Catalog

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Division of Social Sciences and Business
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Department of Business Economics

Professors: Sheena S. Bunnell, S. Waleck Dalpour, Frank M. Engert, John D. Messier, Clyde G. Mitchell; Associate Professors: Wendy L. Harper, Kelly Bentley. 

Department of Geography

Associate Professors: Brad T. Dearden, Matthew J. McCourt; Assistant Professor: Jesse Minor

Department of History

Professors: Allison L. Hepler, Christopher O'Brien; Associate Professors: Michael Schoeppner, Anne Marie Wolf; Lecturer: Louis Sell

Department of Political Science

Professors: Linda A. Beck, Scott D. Erb, James P. Melcher; Adjunct Professor: Andrew Robinson; Lecturer: Marcia Hartwell

Department of Anthropology

Professor Emeritus: Jon Oplinger; Associate Professors: Gaelyn D. Aguilar, Nicole Kellett; Assistant Professor: Lucas Kellett





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