University of Maine at Farmington 2021-2022 Catalog
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Division of Elementary, Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education
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Department of Early Childhood Education

Professors: Mellisa A. Clawson, Donna Karno, Katherine W. Yardley; Associate Professors: Patti Bailie, Patricia H. Williams; Assistant Professors: Leigh Ann Fish, Joshua Hill; Lecturers: Erika Neal, Nena Cunningham

Department of Elementary Education

Associate Professors: Cara Furman, Shannon Larsen, Carole Lee, Deborah W. Overstreet, Meredith Swallow; Assistant Professor: Kathryn Will-Dubyak; Lecturers: Deborah J. Baker, Virginia Dearani, Mary Mahoney-Ferster, Carla Miller, Patricia Gordon

Department of Early Childhood Special Education

  Professor: Mellisa Clawson; Lecturers: Deborah Chase, Kari Payne, Sandra Titcomb

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