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During the pre-registration period, students will meet with faculty advisors to choose courses for the next semester. Course registration will be by class level, with seniors registering first and first-year students registering last in a two-week period that follows the advising. In order to allow all students the opportunity to receive an optimal choice of courses, schedule changes will not be permitted during this initial registration period.

Students who have officially notified the Merrill Center that they will be on leave can register with their class.

By registering at the University of Maine at Farmington, students agree to pay all charges on their tuition and fee accounts when due. They also acknowledge that failure to make a required payment by the stated deadline can result in late payment and service charges, inability to register for a future term, and/or withholding of a transcript and/or diploma.

A student's registration may also be blocked if immunizations have expired or library materials have not been returned.

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