University of Maine at Farmington 2021-2022 Catalog
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Based upon our mission, UMF at an institutional level aspires to the following learning outcomes for all students who complete a baccalaureate degree. Our students will:

*acquire knowledge and expertise appropriate to their academic majors;

*attain basic literacy in several disciplines and be able to think and work across disciplinary boundaries;

*develop the habits and skills of inquiry, invention, and reflection that are necessary for life-long learning and effective citizenship and transferable to any professional endeavor;

*develop an integrated understanding of global issues (including the role of the United States), cultural diversity, and the physical and natural world;

*attain the leadership and relational skills appropriate to complex organizations;

*be able to utilize information technology and adapt to ongoing technological advances;

*be able to recognize ethical issues and differences in ethical perspectives and consider the ramifications of alternative actions;

*be well prepared to act responsibly as:

--environmental stewards;
--advocates for lifelong health and wellness;
--models of respect for human diversity;
--participants in civic undertakings and discussants of public policy.

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