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Majors: Declaring
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All majors at UMF lead to a BA, BS, or BFA degree.  Students are reminded that the declaration of a major is a serious decision; it involves the assumption of obligations on the student's part--principally the obligation to complete the degree requirements as described in the Catalog in order to receive a degree.  Students may change their major during the junior or senior year; but they must complete all requirements associated with the new major. 

While many students are accepted into a major when they apply to the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF), others do not decide on a major until after they arrive on campus. Students in the Liberal Arts Undecided Program who have completed 64 or more credits must declare a major in order to be allowed to register for courses. New transfers to UMF will be allowed one semester in which to declare a major if they are transferring in 64 or more credits. Students should work with their advisors or the division chair of the program they are entering.

In some instances, students may wish to apply for an individualized major (the BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, Concentration in Individualized Studies), but in all instances this requires a coherent plan of study that includes a minimum of 32 credit hours of remaining coursework.  In very rare circumstances, a student who is close to graduation may apply to complete a Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree. A BGS degree may be awarded when final requirements in the major have not been completed, but the student has earned 128 or more credits and has met all of the general education requirements.  The BGS is only available to students who at the end of the semester of application will be within 16 credit hours of completing all graduation requirements.

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