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Before the end of the schedule change period, each faculty member must announce in writing the examination and required oral and written work policies of the course as well as the methods used to arrive at final grades.

At the University of Maine at Farmington, the following grades are computed into the grade point average (GPA):

     A - excellent

     B - good

     C - satisfactory

     D - minimal pass

     F - failure

     L - dropout

The following grades are not computed into the GPA:

    W - withdrew

     I - incomplete

     P - pass (C-minus or above)

     LP - low pass (D-plus or below)

     F - fail (in a pass/fail course)

     MG - missing grade

     DG - deferred grade

     T - transfer grade

Grades are recorded in MaineStreet by the faculty at the close of each semester.

Violation of the Code of Academic Integrity may result in a course grade of F that is accompanied by a transcript notation of X (failure due to academic dishonesty).

The Student Academic Progress Report is completed at the discretion of the faculty member in order to advise students of proficiencies and/or deficiencies. It is sent electronically to the student, the student's advisor, and the Merrill Center.

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