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Grade Point Average: How to Compute
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In the University of Maine at Farmington's (UMF) grading system, grade points are awarded for letter grades as follows:

A   4.000 points C-  1.670 points
A-  3.670 points D+  1.330 points
B+  3.330 points D    1.000 point
B    3.000 points D-   0.670 points
B-   2.670 points F    0.000 points
C+  2.330 points L    0.000 points
C    2.000 points W   0.000 points

Grade point averages are computed electronically. Only final grades which carry numerical grade points are counted in computing the grade point average (GPA). Courses taken pass/fail and courses with grades of incomplete are not counted. Grades and credits for courses transferred to UMF are not included in the calculation of the GPA. (The exception is courses taken through UMF's National Student Exchange and specific Study Abroad programs.) If a course is repeated once, the second grade only is figured into the GPA. In the event that a course is repeated more than once, the second and all subsequent grades are counted.

GPA is the average grade per credit. To find the GPA, multiply the number of credits for each course by the grade points earned in that course, which will show the number of quality points earned. Add the quality points for all courses attempted in a semester and divide that sum by the number of credits attempted that semester in courses that are not pass/fail*.


Course Grade Credits Grade Points   Quality Points
1 A 4 4.000 = 16.000
2 P (Pass)  4* ------- = --------
3 C+ 4 2.330 = 9.330
4 F 4 0.000 = 0.000

12 (not including 4 as pass*)                   Total 25.330
GPA = 25.330 quality points divided by 12 credits = 2.110 GPA


The cumulative GPA is figured in the same manner, but it includes all UMF courses taken to date.

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