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Grades: Incompletes
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All prescribed course work is expected to be completed during the semester or term in which the course is offered unless the syllabus specifies a longer period of time. If medical or other emergency conditions develop, the instructor may, at his or her discretion, award a grade of Incomplete (I), permitting an extension for a period of up to a full semester to allow the student to complete the course work.

An Incomplete grade is a privilege granted by a faculty member in response to extraordinary circumstances; it should not be seen by students as the normal response to missing work.  Ordinarily, when a student has failed to complete required course work by the end of the semester, the instructor will either report a grade for the course in which the missing work is given a value of zero or, in cases where failure to complete assigned work constitutes failure to meet the minimum requirements of the course, award a grade of F.  The grade of Incomplete shall be awarded only when the following conditions are met:  1) the student has valid reasons for not completing the work; 2) the student has presented these reasons to the instructor; and 3) the missing work constitutes less than one-third of the required work for the course.

When a grade of Incomplete is awarded, the instructor shall specify in writing the work to be completed and the deadline by which it is to be completed, using the appropriate form, with copies to the student and to the Merrill Center.  The instructor is not required to allow the full period (a semester) for the completion of the missing work.  The deadline for the completion of missing work is at the discretion of the instructor, who, however, shall not under any circumstances, allow longer than a semester for the completion of the missing work.

When the missing work is completed, the instructor shall promptly submit a change of grade form to the Merrill Center, changing the Incomplete to the appropriate letter grade.  Since the maximum term for Incomplete grades is one semester, the instructor must submit a change of grade form for each Incomplete on or before the date on which grades are due for the semester following the semester in which the Incomplete was awarded.  The instructor may not continue the Incomplete for a second semester.  Failure to submit a timely change of grade form for an Incomplete shall be treated as equivalent to failing to submit grades for a class and shall be reported to the instructor's division chair.

If a course syllabus specifies that work may extend beyond the semester or term in which the course is offered, students may be assigned a progress grade designated by the letter grade DG, which will remain on the grade record until the final grade is submitted.  All DG grades must be converted to final grades to complete graduation requirements.

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