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Courses: Repeating
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Students can receive credit for a course only once.  There are a few exceptions.  Where these exist, they are noted in the official course descriptions.
Students are permitted to repeat a course in order to improve a grade.  When a course is repeated once, both grades appear on the transcript.  However, only the second grade is counted in the cumulative GPA.  If a course was initially taken for a grade, it cannot be repeated on a pass-fail basis.
When students elect to repeat a course more than once, the second and all subsequent grades are counted in the GPA.  All grades earned in the course will remain on the student's transcript, but credit for the course is awarded only once (based on the final attempt).
In the event that a student wishes to repeat a course no longer offered by the University, an equivalent course may be substituted.  Equivalence shall be determined by the Chair of the Academic Division in which the first course was offered. All other policies for course repeats apply.
Students who wish to repeat an equivalent of a UMF course at another college or university must seek approval from their academic advisor.  The advisor in all instances will consult with the Chair of the Academic Division in which the first course was offered.  Credits will be transferred in to UMF provided the earned grade in the repeated course is a C- or better. However, the original UMF grade will still count in the student's cumulative GPA and will remain on the transcript.  
In instances where a course equivalency has been granted, but the credit value of the replacement course is different from the original course (e.g., a three-credit course allowed to substitute for a four-credit UMF course), UMF will transfer the actual credit value of the repeated course.  Students will still be expected to earn the total number of credit hours required within their program and the total required overall for graduation.  In other words, course substitutions of lesser credit value may mean that students will need to register for additional coursework at UMF.  Students should take this fact into account prior to requesting a course equivalency from another university.

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