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Courses: Withdrawal and Late Withdraw policy
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After the drop period, a student may withdraw from a course through the eleventh week in the semester without academic penalty. The student may obtain a course withdrawal form from the Merrill Center. This form must be signed by the instructor. See the Academic Calendar for specific information about withdrawal dates.

A W will be noted on the student's transcript. The W is an official grade notation, however, it will not be included in computing the student's grade point average.

All course withdrawals after the initial drop/add period have the potential for affecting a student's financial aid award. In some cases, a student may be required to return funds that have already been disbursed.  The rules regarding course withdrawal and financial aid are different for various types of financial aid. Students wishing to withdraw from course who are receiving financial aid must check with Financial Aid office in the Merrill Center to discuss the ramifications before withdrawing from the course.

Requests for late withdrawal after the semester withdraw deadline are only granted when there are special circumstances (e.g., serious illness, family tragedy, etc.) and these are documented.  Requests must be accompanied by documentation. If the documentation lacks specificity or otherwise does not demonstrate clearly the nature of the circumstances, the request will be denied. There are no tuition refunds for course withdrawals.

Before such a withdrawal is initiated, the student should explore with the instructor if an incomplete would be an appropriate solution.

Requests must be in the form of a typed letter, signed and dated, and must address the following information:

  1. What course or courses are involved?
  2. What are the circumstances leading to this request?
  3. What prevented a timely withdrawal by the university's deadline?
  4. Where is the documentation housed, if not appended to the request (e.g., Student Health Center or Center for Human Development)? 

Requests are submitted to the Merrill Center.  The Associate Provost and Dean of Arts and Sciences approves or denies the exception and will notify the student, in writing, and copy the Merrill Center and the student's advisor. The Associates Provost's decision is final. There is no appeal process. There are no tuition refunds for course withdrawals.


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