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Academic Forgiveness Policy
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Students who are matriculated and currently enrolled, both those who have been continuously-enrolled and those who have been separated from the university, may request academic forgiveness for one or more courses taken in a single semester at UMF provided that they have completed two consecutive semesters at UMF (not including Winter or May terms) with a semester GPA of 2.00 or above and at least 12 credits earned in each semester.

Academic forgiveness can be granted only once and for no more than 16 credit hours. Once academic forgiveness is granted, it is not reversible. Courses which have been forgiven cannot be used to meet either general education or major requirements. Forgiven courses also cannot fulfill a required prerequisite for another course nor can they have been applied to a previously awarded degree.

The academic detail of forgiven coursework, including grades and attempted credits, will be displayed on a student’s transcript, but removed from the cumulative GPA calculation. A notation of the course(s) forgiven will also be made on the transcript.  Students requesting academic forgiveness should be aware that the GPA listed on the UMF transcript is UMF’s GPA and not necessarily what other institutions will use in making admissions decisions. For example, medical school admissions offices may calculate the GPA based on all courses taken regardless of the forgiven courses.

No tuition or fee refunds will be issued for forgiven courses. Academic Forgiveness may impact a student’s eligibility for financial aid due to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. Students should discuss this possibility with a financial aid officer before requesting Academic Forgiveness. 

Students requesting forgiveness should fill out a Request for Forgiveness Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. Provided that conditions outlined above have been met, the courses will be forgiven.

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