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Double Major Policy
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In order to pursue a double major, a student must first be admitted to the second major. Students may apply for admittance to a second major by  submitting a Change of Major form to the Merrill Center. When submitting the form, a student must declare one of the two majors as their primary program. Some combinations of double majors can be completed in a four-year time frame.  Others may take longer. In all cases, students must plan their schedules carefully and in consultation with their academic advisors in both disciplines. 

In cases where the two majors lead to two types of degrees (e.g. a B.A. and a B.S.), only a single degree will be awarded and the type of degree awarded will be determined by the primary program. Both majors will be recognized at commencement and will appear on the student's transcript. 

All students with double majors must meet all of the major requirements for both majors (including, for example, concentration requirements, supporting coursework, and minimum grade point average). Students with double majors only have to meet the General Education requirements for the primary program. 

Students who wish to receive two separate degrees (as opposed to a double major leading to a single degree) should consult the policy on Second Degrees. 

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