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Students may choose a minor field of study, commonly called a minor, along with their major. A minor usually consists of 20 credits of study. Minors are optional, but many students find that a minor is helpful in providing greater career opportunities after graduation. The requirements for the various minors are listed within individual majors as well as in this section.
Following are the requirements for official University of Maine at Farmington minors. Contact the chairperson of the department offering the minor for an application.
*Starred courses have pre-requisites not included in the minor requirements.


Required Courses:
One of the following:
PHI 120H What is the Good Life? 4
PHI 140H Self, Knowledge, and Society 4
PHI 220H Constructing our World, Constructing Ourselves 4
PHI 240H Consciousness and Experience 4


One additional PHI course numbered 110 or above 4
One additional PHI course numbered 200 or above 4
One additional elective in Philosophy  4
PHI 377     Topics in Philosophy 4
A minimum of one third of the required credits must be earned at UMF for a minor to be awarded.
Total credits for the Minor: 20

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