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Students may choose a minor field of study, commonly called a minor, along with their major. A minor usually consists of 20 credits of study. Minors are optional, but many students find that a minor is helpful in providing greater career opportunities after graduation. The requirements for the various minors are listed within individual majors as well as in this section.
Following are the requirements for official University of Maine at Farmington minors. Contact the chairperson of the department offering the minor for an application.
*Starred courses have pre-requisites not included in the minor requirements.

Legal Studies

The Legal Studies minor is multidisciplinary, spanning many courses throughout the university. The minor is composed of five classes and an internship, independent research project or other experiential learning component. Students seeking a Legal Studies minor should speak with their advisor and one of the coordinators, Professor Jim Melcher or Professor Chris O’Brien.


Required Courses :


ENG 200 Professional Writing                                 4

One of the following:

POS 200 Public Policy                                    4
POS 214S Law and the Legal System 4
POS 302 Civil Liberties 4
POS 319 Constitutional Law                                       4

One of the following:

PHI 100 Critical Thinking                                     4
PHI 200H Logic and its Limits 4

Two of the following:

Each course must be from a different discipline (i.e., only one HTY course will count for the minor); One course must be at the 200-level or above.

ANT 215S Social Problems and Social Change 4
ANT 360 Social Science Research Methods 4
ART 320 Contemporary Theory and Practice 4
BUS 211 Introduction to Federal Taxation/ Individuals 4
BUS 303 Business Law 4
ENG 181 Literary Analysis and Interpretation 4
GEO 334 Political Geography 4
GEO 337 Environmental Regulations 4
HTY 234S American Presidents 4
PHI 101 Contemporary Moral Problems 4
PHI 201H Ethics 4
PHI 204 Philosophy of Law 4
POS 252S Modern Political Theory 4
POS 255 American Political Thought 4
POS 320 Environmental Politics 4
THE 275 Social and Political Theatre 4


Experiential Learning/Research (2-6 credits):

LIA 297/397 or the equivalent course within a discipline (e.g., ): Participation in a service project, an internship, or a significant research project related to the minor, during the academic year or summer.  Experience can be satisfied and documented in a variety of ways, and should be arranged with your advisor and the minor Coordinators.

A minimum of one third of the required credits must be earned at UMF for a minor to be awarded.

Total credits for the Minor: 22-26

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