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Students may choose a minor field of study, commonly called a minor, along with their major. A minor usually consists of 20 credits of study. Minors are optional, but many students find that a minor is helpful in providing greater career opportunities after graduation. The requirements for the various minors are listed within individual majors as well as in this section.
Following are the requirements for official University of Maine at Farmington minors. Contact the chairperson of the department offering the minor for an application.
*Starred courses have pre-requisites not included in the minor requirements.

Environmental Policy and Planning

Students select one of the following Environmental Policy and Planning foundation courses (4 credits):

EPP 131S Conservation and Environment 4
EPP 231S Environmental Issues 4
Select three of the following Environmental Policy and Planning (EPP) courses (12 credits):
EPP 204 Introduction to GIS 4
EPP 207 Environmental Field Methods 4
EPP 235 Physical Geography 4
EPP 304 Environmental GIS 4
EPP 310 Sustainable Development 4
EPP 340 Sustainable Land Use 4
EPP 343 Community Planning 4
EPP 397 Internship 4
EPP 450 Research in Environmental Planning 4

Select one course from any Environmental Policy and Planning Concentration (4 credits):

Development and Economics

ANT 275S Gender, Development and Globalization 4
BUS 101S Business, Society and Sustainability 4
ECO 101S Principles of Macroeconomics 4
ECO 102S Principles of Microeconomics 4
ECO 228 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 4
ECO 260 Global Majority 4
ECO 325 Public Finance 4
EPP 320 Environment, Economy, Society 4


EPP 238S Forest Management: Science, Institutions, and Communities 4
GEO 334 Political Ecology 4
POS 101S Introduction to American Government 4
POS 200S Public Policy 4
POS 214S Law and the Legal System 4
POS 220S Environmental Politics 4
POS 351 Political Activism and Advocacy Practicum 4


BIO 110N Introductory Biology 4
BIO 141 The Living Earth: Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity 4
BIO 142 The Living Earth: The Cellular and Molecular World 4
BIO 294 Forest Ecology and Conservation 4
BIO 353 Conservation Biology 4
BIO 261 Ecology 4
BIO 383 Aquatic Biology 4
ENV 257 Soil Science 4

Environmental Health

ANT 365 Medical Anthropology 4
GEO 325 Geography of Health and Disease 4
HEA 210 Environmental Health 4
HEA 245 Nutrition and Ecological Concerns 4
HEA 260 Public Health Biology 4
HEA 350 Principles of Epidemiology 4


GEY 101N Environmental Geoscience 4
GEY 103N The Earth System 4
GEY 201N Earth History 4
GEY 203 Surficial Processes 4
GEY 303 Climate Change 4

A minimum of one third of the required credits must be earned at UMF for a minor to be awarded.

Total credits for the minor: 20

*Students receiving a minor in Geography must earn an additional 12 credits to also earn a minor in Environmental Planning.

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